The Vision

We aim to educate the engineers of tomorrow.

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Our state of the art robotics and VR systems offer users an engaging and enjoyable learning experience like nothing else. With the necessary work skills of tomorrow in mind, we have designed a platform that allows people to develop the expertise needed in a 21st century world.

Virtually robotic represents a synthesis of two highly advanced technologies; virtual reality and robotics combining to create an entirely novel blended reality user experience. We are aware that the culmination of this futuristic research and development is best facilitated by the engineers of tomorrow, and to this end, Virtually Robotic has been founded as an educational platform for the students of today.


Our packages and products come in the form of a subscription service. We are committed to ensuring that our content is ACARA mapped and up to date at all times. Additional add-ons for the DF Robot will also be included as we release them.

Details of the features included in the subscription service

Aluminium DF Robot

State of the art real world open source ROV

3D Printed Base Kit

Our custom designed mounting solutions for the DF Robot

ACARA mapped Curriculum

A full 10 week high school learning curriculum built from the ground up.

Premium Customer Support

Highest priority when we are managing any issues that may arise.

Latest Add-on Modules

As we continue to develop and release attachment modules, they will be made available to you.

Add-on Modules Learning Content

Bonus learning content we create and provide to match new modules we release.

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